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Home Insurance

It is a difficult task finding home insurance that will suit your individual needs and choosing the best policy for your house or contents insurance can be a mine field. There are hundreds of insurance companies that offer customers home insurance all claiming that their cover is the best for you. The team at Eire Insure a carefully researched the many pros and cons of dozens of insurance products from several Irish companies and published the findings within this website.

Find the Best Home Insurance in Ireland

To help the you find the best home insurance in Ireland that will suit you, the team at Eire Insure have linked all our discoveries in the right hand column of this web page. We have divided what we found into two sub catergories.

1. Home Insurance Companies

2. General Home Insurance Advice.

Please feel free to browse any of the information that we have published and hopefully this will empower you to choose insurance cover that will suit your personal and financial needs.

Contents Insurance

Hopefully you will find the best contents insurance from the information that we have gathered from the hundreds insurance companies that we researched. There are a multitude on differnt types of content insurance, all of which have various plusses and minuses to what they cover. For example, there can be a wide variation of access costs from one policy to the next. Another example the research Eire Insure team discovered that while some contents insurance policies covered certain household items similar policies excluded them. It is therefor important to make sure that you know what is fully covered by a policy before purchasing.

House Insurance

Like most other cover House Insurance can vary widely from one company to the next. Like with all other insurance products the team at Eire Insure strongly advise that care is taken before a product is pruchased. It is very importaant that you are fully aware of the clauses that are written into a policy. The most important clauses are access charges against an insurance claim, what the policy covers in an accident or fire and just as importatnt it knowing what the policy does not cover.


Top Performing Home & Contents Insurance

Here are a few the top performing home and contents insurance companies in Ireland according to the latest expert, retailer and customer reviews.

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Aviva Home and Contents Insurance
123 Home and Contents Insurance
Liberty Home and Contents Insurance
FBD Home and Contents Insurance
No Nonsense Home and Contents Insurance
Chrome house and contents Insurance
Blue Home and Contents Insurance
One Direct Home and Contents Insurance
Cornmarket Home and Contents Insurance
Chill contents and home Insurance